Who we are ?


Who we are

Mobius Design is an established design firm specializing in product design and development services.

Among Mobius Design’s regular roster of clients are firms based in US, Hong Kong, Europe, and Israel.
Our skillful team supplies fully designed and engineered “turnkey” product development.
We specialize in identifying the market opportunities, analyzing end-user needs and behavior, and developing high-sales, award-winning products.

Mobius design, 20 years of experience, 20 years of inventing new products and in some of them creating new categories in the market. 20 years of PASSION to create, invent and solve complex problems. Our experience present a wide range of complicated and challenging mobile products development. We’ve developed electric vehicles, mobile robots and children ride-on’s.

Our clients’ success stories show high sales (millions of units), leading products in their market and international design awards recognition.


Our services

Our clients hire our services to research, define, design, prototype, produce and test physical and digital products.

We accompany the product development process from the first seed of concept and definition (SOW) to the final stage of production (Trial injections). Our team is highly diverse and combined of professionals in their field – product designers, engineers, UX and digital artists.

Awarded works

Red Dots
Red Dots
Toy Award
Top Choice
Bizzie Baby
Practical Parenting
Top Fun
Right Start
Toy Talk
Solid Works